How to restore files from a Time Machine backup

How to Restore Files and Folders with Time Machine #

The most convenient way to restore individual files and folders is by using Time Machine’s snapshot feature. Here, you can see all the different past versions of your files and folders saved since you first enabled Time Machine to automatically store this data. Here’s how to restore it:

Step 1 To open Time Machine on Mac, launch System Preferences > Time Machine.
System preference window showing a pointer towards the Time Machine icon

Step 2 On the Time Machine window, tick the box for the “Show Time Machine in menu bar” setting.
Time Machine window showing a pointer towards a ticked box

Step 3 On the top-right corner of the Apple menu bar, click the Time Machine button and select “Enter Time Machine.”
Apple menu bar showing a pointer towards Enter Time Machine button

Step 4 Browse through snapshots using the arrow buttons on the right side of the screen. Select the snapshot you want to recover, then click “Restore”.
Time Machine window with a pointer towards the Restore button and the arrow buttons

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